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    SC BTFARCH RO COMPANY SRL was founded in 2007 with the headquarters in Bucharest. Since the beginning, we have focused on projects where the main objectives were the solution finding for various architectural issues, implementation of the architectural solutions, execution and European project management with local budgets.

    All these with limited amount of time. We have completed these task due to our supervision and execution starting from concept, up to the final delivery to the client.

    The personal experience, together with the one accumulated in the 16 years work as an architect in Austria, Holland and Germany, guarantees that our projects not only respect a correct European quality level, but also respect the budget and timing agreed.

    Overall entrepreneurial success is based on the relationship between architects and partners, called business. We have established ourselves as a bridge between both concept and reality, with comprehensive references and experience, and take responsibility for quality controlled implementation of the projects.

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