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    Masterplan Sibiu – HI Gardens – WAF2023

    Our concept is HI (tech) GARDENS – blending high-end technology and nature to create a harmonious space using high-tech materials and facilities within the untamed forest.

    The project entails the conversion of the plot that currently consists of abandoned buildings from a former weapon depot. The masterplan concept blends adaptive reuse and reinvention of local heritage. For adaptive reuse, we have repurposed the existing pathways and incorporated additional skywalks offering varying heights (up to 10m) and angles for enjoying the flora and fauna, without consuming any green spaces and limiting anthropic interventions. As an example of reinvention, we have proposed a mountain bike suspended lane along the plot borders that resemble the medieval battlement walk, typically seen in local fortresses.

    The skywalk links the main functions, the performance scene that can be transformed, for larger concerts, with the pavilions. The pavilions have a large spectre of themes, ranging from arts and crafts to immersive experiences and going all the way to new media art, including AR, VR, and even cyborg art.

    The core architectural intervention is a large canopy made of high-tech materials, including translucent solar panels, which provides shelter for all-weather 24h use, lowering the budget money and generating enough green energy for the park and surrounding neighboUrhood. The canopy’s design prioritizes sustainability, achieving green energy independence and net zero emission. It collects rainwater through its pillars for reuse in the gardens, facilitates ventilation for cooling during hot summers, and seamlessly integrates local wildlife into the park. All sustainable features have an integrated system for operation and maintenance on IIoT platforms with green energy management in a digital twin system. A notable design aspect is the repurposing of existing buildings, showing a commitment to sustainability and efficiency by utilizing existing resources thoughtfully.

    The immersive experience in HI(tech) Gardens includes a Hyperloop capsule experience, web 3 interactive maps, cryptocurrency for the park community, AI emphatic staff, digital native operation, and a maintenance system for amazing user experience.

    The design’s commitment to inclusivity extends beyond ramps and tactile pathways, taking into account features that ensure the well-being of the fauna and flora.

    [HI] Gardens in Dumbrava Sibiului showcase a seamless blend of architecture, cutting-edge technology, and nature, promoting natural and cultural heritage, public spaces, and social interaction.