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    We design and build your future on solid structures, with inspiration and professionalism. Because we LOVE Architecture.

    We are dedicated to authentic building traditions combined with the latest technological advancement to deliver both beauty and function in all our projects.

    BTF was first founded in 1997 in the Netherlands and in 2003 we opened our office in Nuremberg Germany building on our experience in concept design and supervision of all the execution phases we took on the Holiday Inn Hotel in Burg-Nuremberg in its entirety. In 2007 we opened our Bucharest headquarters leveraging our international experience in both design and project management. Our focus has always been to conceptualize, design and build projects to the highest standards, respecting budget and time constraints and build lasting partnerships with our clients and contractors. Read more about our history here.

    We thoroughly lay the foundation of your projects, guiding you step by step with the skill built in 35 years of experience. How we make this? For BTF architecture means: look, feel, notice and thinking about function, investment, context, rentability…about everything….especially outside the box.
    Architecture is about the experience of living, working, enjoying a space.


    The architects must always be at the service of the client and the project and respond professionally to any market project. Professionalism consists in finding exclusive solutions in the service of the project and the client. Exclusive means the best optimization in terms of cost, investment and redundancy in time. That will always make the difference.

    Interior design is committed to delivering custom conceptual solutions that combine functional and aesthetic criteria. In the same time, it must find the pragmatic or personal needs, visible or included, of one or more users. The result of this approach is the creation of distinctive and timeless spaces that elevate the values and quality of the individual’s life.

    Coordination from the design phase greatly optimizes the costs and time of design and execution and gives the possibility of a greater investment aimed at quality, obtaining in this way an optimization of the total investment costs, as well as an increased profitability.

    The development and design of urban areas is essential for us, as humans, as well as for cities and communities. In a pleasant environment we develop and grow properly and efficiently. On the other hand, the sensory experimentation that a plaza can induce has always been a mystery to the simple user. The architectural composition in harmony with the urban composition is the secret of a state of well-being that is difficult for the common man to understand, but which represents our ability to create complete projects.

    Road development in hazard-prone areas is a challenging planning problem that requires a thorough understanding of many aspects: the actual hazard conditions and their spatial extent, but also the location of people and facilities. At the same time, even in projects where the road seems to be the way to get from A to B, in our concept, as architects, we consider it as important how you get from A to B, as well as the experience you get – it gives the journey from A to B.

    Being a general constructor means: • optimizing costs by adapting the design. In implementation, the first place is quality; • the natural coordination of the execution stages that are already finished from the architecture concept phase and their follow-up during the execution period; • choosing the best solutions and suppliers proven over time; • extended warranties; • small commercial surcharge, especially for foreign suppliers.

    From Design to Build

    We are commited to the design process of a building, but just as important is the construction process. Therefore we take great pride in seeing our design implemented just as we and our client have envisioned it. To achieve this we are highly involved in the construction phase and pay close attention to all the details. 

    Interior Design
    Landscaping & urban planning
    Road planning
    Project management
    General contractor


    planning from all projects

    Interior Design
    Landscaping & Urban Planning
    Road Planning
    Project Manager
    General Contractor


    By 2020, our clients and the industries we serve will recognize BTFARCH as a trusted partner and transformational organization providing the highest level of service, design, technical expertise and business performance globally while creating places that enhance the human experience.


                              Ability to uphold authentic building traditions and architectural principles without copying superficial styles; expressing truth in material and structure.


    Strong desire to educate the public on the meaning and value of the architects work in creating high quality, sustainable environments; and to nurture their apprentices so they might carry the torch of architecture into the future.


                               Modeling design and building technologies after nature’s own laws of order, and striving for unique solutions that wed together the highest ideals of beauty and practical utility.